How to Improve Your Spanish through Online Courses

Spanish language has become one of my passions ever since I visited Spain three months ago and stayed there for quite some time. After I learned more about their culture and lifestyle, I decided that I want to move to Spain. However, this could not be possible unless I became a good speaker, so I could get a job easier. When I first went to this incredible country, I did not know how to express myself. The bad part was that almost no one speaks English over there, so I had to learn Spanish by all means. The first thought that came to my mind was to look for an inexpensive or even free online course.

There are many online Spanish coursesthat are free, yet they will not take you to a very advanced level. Nevertheless, they were really helpful when I did not even know how to greet or say thank you. After I met some people and I got to know my colleagues, I realized that the only way I could really learn Spanish was by listening to them and then trying to repeat. The grammar and vocabulary found in books is not always the same with the spoken language, and that is why it is for the best to look for someone that uses Spanish every day. My friends there encouraged me to express myself in Spanish and after I learned the basic verbs, I realized that it is not that difficult.

Additionally, I also tried to improve my grammar by looking on the internet for some exercises. I was able to learn the simplest rules by completing different phrases, and I also discovered new expressions and phrases through the text examples provided for checking comprehension. Spanish courses offered over the internet generally allow you to complete a trial period. Even though at some point it will end, you will still have some additional knowledge. It may seem unbelievable, but I realized that I began to think in Spanish only to improve my phrases. If at first I was stuttering and did not know how to express myself, after I finished more online exercises and started to think in Spanish, people often confused me to a Spanish person when I was talking and they were even asking me for directions.

This is really flattering if you are not a native speaker. Moreover, I realized that I knew the expressions and phrases, but I couldn’t find them in my head when I was talking to someone else because I was afraid not to make a mistake. Some online courses offered me the possibility of repeating out loud different phrases and also write my own text. People from Spain or from other Spanish speaking countries could correct me and tell me where I made a mistake. This was less embarrassing for me and I learned Spanish without fearing that I will be mocked.

With so many courses offered on the internet, it was really easy to learn Spanish. My friends from Spain also helped me with my spoken language and I was able to carry a conversation only after a few weeks.