Facts About the Vietnamese Language That Will Surprise You

Amazing Truth That Relates to The Vietnam Language

Many times, people get interested in knowing other languages for many reasons. But now, there are facts that many people don’t know about the new dialect that they think of learning. For instance, this article will tell us more about the Vietnamese dialect that even some of us have never heard. Do you want to get enlightened? Read on to find out more!

Commonly, people will learn a new tongue without having to consider many other things. About the Vietnamese dialect, many people might confuse it with the Chinese language. There are many reasons behind that. But is it true that this language relates to the Chinese language? See below for answers!

Crazy Facts About Vietnamese Dialect

People always get stuck when learning Vietnamese dialect. The good thing today is that you can translate Vietnamese to English. As such, it won’t be hard for anyone to understand the Vietnamese lingo and master it with ease. Because of that, you find it very easy to study the new tongue, which could be Vietnamese. Here are some facts about the language that will amaze you:

  • Vietnamese Dialect Was Once an Oral Language

It might surprise you that the Vietnamese people didn’t have their way of writing the language. Years back, these people made use of Chinese letters/ characters. But as time went by, the natives started to develop their style of writing. As by now, the Vietnamese people have their way of writing their language, different from the Chinese dialect. Sometimes, people confuse these two because of such reasons.

Also, you will note that very many things which contribute to the above-stated matter. For instance, we all know that the Chinese ruled over the Vietnamese. As such, they made the Chinese language to be the most spoken language in the country. Because of that, people had to learn the Chinese dialect and even speak it. But with time, things changed as the Vietnamese had to come up with their language. Did you also think that the Chinese language is a native tongue of Vietnam? Now you know better!

  • The Official Dialect in Vietnamese Is Their Native Language as Well

It might surprise you that a larger percentage of the population in Vietnam speaks the language. Before, this dialect was a local tongue to them. As time went by, they decided to make it their national dialect. But now, other communities in Vietnam have their local languages. Because of that, we can openly state that this language is second to them.

  • The Vietnamese Dialect Uses Latin Scripts

Every language has its way of writing. For the Vietnamese dialect, you must first understand the Latin script for you to write it. That seems to be good because it gives a larger percentage of individuals who understand Latin, that opportunity to master that tongue. When you compare this language to the Chinese, you will get surprised that they are very different.

The Vietnamese dialect has 29 letters in total, which are representatives of the alphabet letters. But now, it lacks letters like F, J, W, and Z. The remaining 22 letters are the standard alphabets that we all understand. The remaining seven are an alteration of the alphabet letters that we also know. Because of that, it has never been hard to learn this language. The reason is that you only need to understand the common alphabets and you are good to go.

  • Variation in Tone Alters the Meaning of Words in Vietnamese Tongue

It is possible that when you vary your tone when speaking, you want to deliver a particular message. Besides, it will surprise you that the Vietnamese dialect has six different tones for speaking. As compared to the mandarin dialect, which has only four, this dialect may seem very difficult to very many people. As such, you need to be very keen when listening to a native speaking this language. More so, it is beneficial for one who is still new with it, as such.

  • Some Vietnamese Words Are Borrowed Words From Other Languages

In as much as this dialect consists of borrowed words, the people there will make it look original. Commonly, you will understand the Vietnamese dialect uses many words from other languages like the Chinese and even English. But now, when you read them, you might also not determine or claim that they are borrowed words. That trick alone surprises me because you can never differentiate the real Vietnamese words from the borrowed words.

  • Learning the Vietnamese Tongue Is Fun

Learning a different language can be very challenging for many individuals. But also, there are many factors to consider before learning a new language. By so doing, you find it very easy to master a second dialect. For instance, if you enjoy doing something, you have a higher chance of understanding more about that thing. With this language, you will come across different words that translate to words with beautiful and good meanings. Because of that, many people get motivated when learning this tongue. As such, it also becomes easier for an individual to understand the Vietnamese dialect in general.

Commonly, people get bored when learning a tongue that doesn’t seem enjoyable. Sometimes, a language might seem complicated to the extent that you even quit learning. With the Vietnamese dialect, you will get surprised that you will always have the motivation to learn it.

Surprised About the Vietnamese Dialect? Now You Know Better!

Mastering a new dialect needs patience and a good understanding of it as well. Because many people confuse the Vietnamese dialect with the Chinese language, they fail to understand every other bit of it. As such, you must understand the difference between the Vietnamese and many other languages that might look similar to it. By so doing, you will note that nearly every other dialect is different from the other.