Easiest Languages To Learn

Welcome to the about page for easiest language to learn. Featured by Underground College, we are actually more than excited to tell you that we found what we believe to be the best language learning program available – and no it’s not Rosetta Stone… We built this site assuming any right minded college kid [bound by the ridiculous school curriculum stating that you have to take a language course before you graduate] will be looking for the easiest language to learn. So – Watch the video on the home page and follow along to learn how to download any language course of your choice, for free. Also see the highlights at the bottom of this page for a quick overview.

About The Pimsleur Approach

The company is called the Pimsleur Approach and it is supposedly the next big thing in learning a new language. They talk it all up by saying how it is completely audio based and how they approach learning a language in the same way a child learns a language. All natural words, focusing on anticipation phrases, yada.yada.yada.

The real point is this product kicks ass for a few reasons seen here.

Listening to the audio before you sign up for a language course at school will do wonders, you’ll be ahead for sure (and you can test any language of your choice so you’ll know if you’re going to hate the language you choose)

Download any language course of your choice for free – as we all know free in college is a no brainer.

The actual full course (if you choose continue after the first lesson) is only 10.00 dollars.

Again if you didn’t see the how to video please go back and watch it at easiest language to learn.

Ohh and best of luck with with the whole language learning thing.